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Indian Point
Indian Point, known to most as "The Hook," overlooks Little Chebeague Island, an abandoned historical site used during WWII, and a once popular vacation spot. Walk the sandbar at low tide and collect sand dollars and sea glass. The Hook is a frequent site where licensed clam diggers are found because of its vast offering. (Caution is advised for the strong undertow on the sandbar.)

Chandler Cove
A beach known for its easy access, Chandler Cove is also a place where many of the fishermen are preparing or finishing their daily catch.

Hamilton Beach
Just around the bend from the Inn is Hamilton Beach. The northeast end of the beach is good for a quick dip, while the southwest end is a challenging walk along rocky terrain.

Bennett Cove
A true cove, this beach is a popular place for exploration of rock formations, and many walk out to the jetting land spot nicknamed "the Nubble" and appreciate the views.

Division Point
Division Point is a smaller beach admired for its tranquility and privacy. Crossing a small meadow will bring you to this peaceful location.

Roses Point
Overlooking Crow Island, Rose Point is also the home of our working boatyard where most of the island boats are maintained. Rose Point can be accessed on foot or bike through the boatyard.